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Sep 17, 2019

CTW001 Walking Gone Wild with Dami Roelse


Dami Roelse is an avid long-distance hiker and backpacker who has traveled the world and set out on new adventures through regions like the Himalayas, Morocco and trekked over 2,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. She uses hiking as a way to deepen her connection with nature and the universe and regularly writes about her experiences on her transformational travel blog. Dami is a certified life coach and the author of Walking Gone Wild: How to Lose Your Age on the Trail. Additionally, she is a regular contributor to various publications such as Sixty and Me and TheTrek Magazine.


Dami joins me today to share her passion for hiking and nature and how it helps women over 50 gain new confidence and connection with nature. She shares what inspired her to begin walking and hiking long distances and why she decided to write her book, Walking Gone Wild. She also explains how your sense of age dissipates while walking, hiking, and backpacking through nature and how being active impacts your confidence and sense of humanity.




“When we’re physically active, we have a confidence that then spills over into all kinds of areas of our lives.” - Dami Roelse




This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • How Dami’s passion for walking and hiking began
  • Why she decided to hike the Himalayas
  • The inspiration behind Walking Gone Wild
  • What it means to “lose your age on the trail”
  • How your sense of age changes when walking and leading an active lifestyle
  • How being active impacts your health as a woman over 50
  • The benefits of “slowing down”
  • How starting a regular walking regime can transform your life and build your confidence
  • How connecting with and being in nature every day impacts our sense of self and our connection to the universe



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