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This is a revolution in positive aging! Join me and my friends from the worlds of health, psychology, spirituality and art . . . we’re changing the conversation about getting older and it's inspiring!

Oct 1, 2019

CTW001 The Why and How of Coffee Table Wisdom


Welcome to the Coffee Table Wisdom podcast! I’m your host, Stephanie Raffelock, the author of A Delightful Little Book on Aging. Published by She Writes Press and set to be released in April 2020, this story takes readers on the journey of aging gracefully and beautifully weaves storytelling with the philosophy of gratitude. I’ve also written several articles for various publications including Quilters Magazine, Omaha Lifestyles, The Aspen Times, and


In today’s episode, my husband, Dean, joins me to discuss why I decided to launch the Coffee Table Wisdom podcast as well as my upcoming book series. We discuss what aging better means to me and the connection between today’s cultural society and people’s desire to recede as we age. We discuss why I believe your vision for life becomes more important as you age and why laughter is ‘the delight of life.’ We also discuss the interesting stories and unique perspectives you can expect from each episode of Coffee Table Wisdom.




“When we allow ourselves to continue to love this miracle of life - we age better.” - Stephanie Raffelock




This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • How Dean inspired the name for the podcast and what inspired me to launch the show
  • What aging better means to me
  • The unique stories, insight, and perspectives you can expect in each episode
  • Balancing cultural work with inner work as we age
  • Why my upcoming book starts with a story on grief and loss
  • Reclaiming various aspects of ourselves that were once ‘lost’ in our youth
  • Why your vision becomes more important as you age
  • Why I believe grief is ‘sacred work’
  • The guests and conversations you can expect from each episode
  • A sneak peek at the next two books in the Delightful Little Book series





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