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Oct 1, 2019

CTW002 The Healing Journey with Deb Brandon


Originally from England and currently living in the U.S, Deb Brandon is a loving mother of two, a writer, a respected textile artist, and a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University. She is the author of But My Brain Had Other Ideas, a memoir about her healing journey after suffering a brain injury. Deb’s writing has appeared in several publications, including Hand/Eye Magazine and the Weave a Real Peace newsletter. Additionally, she regularly presents speeches and programs on topics related to brain injury.


Deb joins me today to share her healing journey after being diagnosed with a rare blood vessel abnormality of the brain. She explains what cavernous angioma is and how this diagnosis changed her life. She shares the challenges and struggles she faced throughout her recovery journey and why she believes healing and acceptance is an ongoing process, despite your circumstances. She also shares how a positive mindset and attitude helped her overcome bouts of depression to continue her healing journey.




“Recovery is ongoing.” - Deb Brandon




This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • How Deb learned she had cavernous angioma, a rare blood vessel abnormality
  • How her brain injury impacted her life and the multiple brain surgeries she endured
  • Her biggest fear after being diagnosed and trying to cope with living with cavernous angioma
  • Her bout with depression and the journey toward recovery
  • Why Deb believes healing is an ongoing process, regardless of the situation you’re in
  • The mindset she had to help her continue her healing journey
  • The biggest loss and the biggest gift she’s had from this experience
  • How she learned to turn her weaknesses into strengths
  • How allowing yourself to show your vulnerabilities to others help you build a connection with the people around you



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