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Oct 1, 2019

CTW005 Supporting Your Writing Habit with A Writing Habit with Jason Brick


Jason Brick is a professional writer with over 10 years of experience. He has published over 4,000 articles and short stories for online and print magazines and contributed to over 40 books. He is the author of Random Encounters, an Amazon bestselling series on role-playing games packed with ideas for game enthusiasts. Jason is also an accomplished speaker, frequently hosting international workshops at writing conferences and festivals about business as well as lectures to business owners on topics related to writing.


Jason joins me today to discuss how you can support your writing habit by developing a writing habit. We discuss what crowdfunding is and how it can help writers fund their book ideas. We discuss some of the basic business models and concepts every author should implement when writing and promoting their book. We also discuss the online and offline marketing strategies you can use to promote your book and the common mistakes many writers make when promoting themselves on social media.




“You don’t have to be a sharp marketer to succeed… but it certainly helps to have a basic grounding in how to sell your work.” - Jason Brick




This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • What crowdfunding is and how it helps writers fund their book ideas
  • How crowdfunding can benefit anthology literature and writers
  • Developing a writer’s business model
  • How being passionate about your work converts into sales
  • Identifying your ‘author’s platform’
  • Using social media to build your network and brand
  • The biggest mistake many authors make online
  • The importance of focusing your energy and efforts on only two social platforms - and how to choose the best one for your genre
  • Using print and online publications to share your message
  • Why he believes non-fiction writing is easier to ‘break into’ than fiction writing



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