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Jan 15, 2020

CTW S2E09 - Release the Wild Woman


Throughout her life, Marilyn Hagar has believed that expressing ourselves through the arts can allow us to get in touch with our creative, wild essence. She is a Registered Expressive Art Therapist who, for over 40 years, has led groups and workshops at her forest retreat, For the Joy of It! An artist herself, Marilyn is inspired by inner-life imagery and her dreams and incorporates them into her artwork and art quilts. Through her book, Finding the Wild Inside: Exploring Our Inner Landscape Through the Arts, Dreams, and Intuition, Marilyn encourages readers to do the same and discover their creative self by exploring what she calls the “wild inside.”


Marilyn joins me today to discuss expressive art therapy and the value of exploring our inner world. She illustrates how nature can help us reconnect with ourselves and our creative parts and explains how she has accepted aging as well as share her ideas on what makes a great elder. She also shares her experience of taking care of her aging parents and how the death of her mother changed her positively.




“The circle of life is so present in the forest. Our deepest sense of belonging comes when we can hold that, as humans, we are part of that circle of life.” - Marilyn Hagar




This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • The importance of living a contemplative, examined life
  • How expressive art therapy gets you in touch with your inner world
  • How being with nature can help reconnect us with our creative self
  • Why the middle age is one of the most creative phases of life
  • How Marilyn utilizes nature for expressive art therapy
  • How Marilyn’s views on life changed over the years and how she accepted aging
  • The factors that make a great elder and how elders should impart their wisdom
  • How the death of Marilyn’ mother made her more optimistic
  • The value of finding the balance between the rational and creative mind



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