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Jan 15, 2020

CTW S2E10 - Radio Daze


Jordan Rich is a veteran radio host and commentator who, over his 40-year career in broadcasting, has hosted everything from news and talk shows to sports shows. In addition to being the host of WBZ New England Weekend and the daily feature, Connoisseurs Corner, Jordan is also the co-founder of Charts Productions, a company that provides audio production and marketing services, as well as voice-over coaching and training. Jordan also hosts the podcast, On Mic with Jordan Rich, an on-going series of conversations with voice-over artists, singers, broadcasters, and more. A native of Boston himself, he is a familiar, if not a household, voice on the east coast.


Jordan joins me in this week’s episode to share his life and times as a broadcaster. He describes how the radio and broadcast industry changed over the decades, affected by both political climate and market changes. He explains the role of radio in a local community as well as its role as a driver of culture through the years. He also shares how radio and broadcast are adapting to the rise of podcasting and illustrates how the human element continues to drive storytelling through radio, broadcast, and podcasts.




“The one thing that has never changed—and will never change—about radio is the human element.” - Jordan Rich




 This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • Why Jordan chose broadcasting as a career
  • How broadcasting and radio influenced culture in times of political uncertainties
  • Radio and broadcasting throughout the decades
  • The radio’s role in a local community before they were bought by media conglomerates
  • The rise and fall of Napster
  • How the spirit of radio persists through podcasting
  • How the broadcasting industry is responding to the rise of the podcast



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