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Oct 1, 2019

CTW004 Living Kindly with Donna Cameron


Donna Cameron is an author, speaker, and philanthropist with an incredibly big heart. She has spent her professional career working with nonprofit organizations and noble causes as an executive, trainer, consultant, and volunteer and has witnessed first-hand the transformative power that kindness can offer. After spending a year committed to living kindly, she published A Year of Living Kindly, an award-winning book that provides insight into the power of kindness and what living a kind life entails.


Donna joins me today to share her journey into living kindly. She explains the difference between being nice and being kind and how she measures kindness. She explains the health benefits associated with living kindly and why kindness is a journey, not a destination. She also explains how to start your journey toward living kindly, why she believes society is in the midst of instability, and how a collective grassroots effort of being more kind to each other can be a catalyst to resolve this epidemic.



“‘Kind’ asks me to make a connection with people. It asks me to suspend judgment about them and go beyond mere tolerance to really caring.” - Donna Cameron




This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • The difference between being nice and being kind
  • How she measures kindness
  • How kindness impacts your health and well-being
  • Why she views kindness as an ongoing journey
  • How to assess your thoughts and feelings when experiencing unkind moments
  • Balancing kindness with activism in the face of injustice
  • How kindness begets kindness
  • The impact that micro-kindness actions can have on yourself and others as well as society
  • How she starts and ends her day with kindness as a priority



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