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Jan 15, 2020

CTW S2E05 - Letting Go, with Jill Sherer Murray


Whether it’s in her career or relationships, Jill Sherer Murray traces her successes in life to letting go. In her 40s, Jill ended a 12-year dead-end relationship after having an epiphany about getting stuck in life. She shares this epiphany in her TEDx talk The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go. In response to the millions of people who viewed her TEDx talk, Jill founded Let Go For It, a lifestyle brand designed to help people and organizations realize success in both business and personal life. Her book, Big Wild Love: the Unstoppable Power of Letting Go, embodies her desire to help people let go of what’s holding them back and achieve the life they truly want.


Jill joins me today to discuss the unstoppable power of letting go. She shares the 12-year relationship that gave her an epiphany on how letting go can change our lives for the better. She reveals the number one reason we get stuck in life and the steps to letting go. We also discuss the benefits of writing down your life goals and confronting your fears as well as how letting go of the things that no longer serve us prepares us for life’s ultimate surrender.




“It’s time for people to understand we’re not here forever. If we’re wasting life holding on to things that aren’t serving us, then we have to let go.” - Jill Sherer Murray




This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • Jill ’s 12-year-long relationship that inspired the Unstoppable Power of Letting Go
  • How a lack of self-love prevents us from achieving the life we want
  • Jill’s steps for letting go of the things that no longer serve us
  • The limiting belief that stopped Jill from leaving a dead-end relationship
  • The benefits of understanding our limiting beliefs
  • The importance of writing down a life plan
  • How the practice of letting go prepares us for life’s ultimate surrender
  • How letting go is an act of reclaiming your true self



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