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Oct 1, 2019

CTW006 Childfree, Childless, with Kate Kaufmann


Kate Kaufmann is the author of Do You Have Kids?: Life When the Answer Is No, a savvy and interesting guide on what life might look like for the growing number of childless women around the world. Her quest to find her identity as a childless woman began after she and her husband decided to stop infertility treatments, leave their corporate jobs, and move to a rural community that highly valued family and children. Throughout her journey, she has met hundreds of women without children and discovered a vast amount of data on how living without children can impact the way a woman’s life may unfold.


Kate holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing, a Masters in Management, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She regularly speaks on panels and with organizations, universities, and professional groups on topics related to living childless and childfree and has been featured in media publications like the Washington Post, NBC’s Know Your Value and Conscious Connection.


Kate joins me today to discuss how not having children impacts various aspects of our lives and our relationships. She explains how not having children allows you the opportunity to think broadly about the legacy you will leave and the alternative routes to joy, meaning, and connection that living childfree allows. She shares how her quest to find her identity as a childfree woman led her to find unique fulfillment from mentoring others. She also explains how your reasons for deciding not to have children can evolve as you age and shares stories of others who have chosen to live a childfree, childless life.




“We have the invitation, the challenge, and the opportunity to create lives of meaning in ways that work for us.” - Kate Kaufmann




This week on Coffee Table Wisdom:


  • Comparing the life cycle impact of women with children vs. women without children
  • How not having children impacts your work life, your relationships, and the decisions you make throughout your life
  • Alternative routes to meaning, connection, and joy
  • Finding fulfillment in a childfree life
  • The difference between aging and ‘eldering’
  • The challenge of connecting and relating to other people who have children
  • Stories that others have shared about why they chose not to have children
  • How your reasons for choosing not to have children can change and evolve as you age



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